Change Permissions for Admins

Custom permissions can now be set for each Admin. If you are the primary Cast & Crew PCard+ account holder or an Admin that has already been granted "Full Access" to the Manage Admins section, you can customize permissions for newly created Admins as well as any existing Admins.

Permissions can be changed at any time and take effect immediately as soon as changes to permissions are saved.

Each Admin can have customized access to the following sections of the Cast & Crew PCard+ account:

  • Manage Cards
  • Manage Funds
  • Transactions
  • Alerts
  • Manage Admins

The 3 permission access options are as follows:

  • Full Access - the Admin will have full view and edit access and can control/make changes in the respective section
  • View Only - the Admin can only view the information on the screen in this section, but cannot make any changes
  • No Access - Admins have no access and will not be able to see this section when logged into the account


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