Add a Cast & Crew PCard+ Admin

To add a Cast & Crew PCard+ Admin, go to the "Manage Admins" page, and click on the "Add an Admin" button.

You will need to provide their first and last name, their date of birth, their email and phone number. Cast & Crew PCard+ Admins have full access to your Cast & Crew PCard+ account and can see all transactions and control spending restrictions on cards. Additionally, Cast & Crew PCard+ Admins can deposit funds, edit the linked bank account, order cards, and handle every single detail of your Cast & Crew PCard+ account. Please note: account access for Cast & Crew PCard+ Admins can be changed anytime by editing the admin permissions. 

Cast & Crew PCard+ Admins can also monitor the account and make changes as needed through the Cast & Crew PCard+ Mobile app. 

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