Negative Balance

Negative balances can occur when a transaction posts to your account, but the settled amount is greater than your available Cast & Crew PCard+ account balance.

Normally, if a merchant preauthorizes a transaction for an amount greater than the Cast & Crew PCard+ account balance, the Cast & Crew card will generally be declined. However, in rare circumstances, a merchant may process a transaction without prior authorization, or more commonly, a settled amount ends up being greater than the preauthorized amount, and there is not enough available balance in your Cast & Crew PCard+ account at the time the transaction is posted.

 If this occurs, your account balance will fall into a negative number, and you may be notified to load more funds into your Cast & Crew PCard+ account, but you will not be charged an overdraft fee.

For example, say you have $100 available in your Cast & Crew PCard+ account balance, and you ring up a $100 dinner bill. So your card is preauthorized for $100. But since you received fantastic service, you decide to leave a $50 tip.  When the restaurant transaction settles, the posted amount is actually $150.  Since you only had a $100 balance, your balance would fall into the negative (-$50)

While this does not happen often, it is important to keep track of your balance and reload funds as needed. To help track your balance, the Cast & Crew PCard+ account holder can opt to receive alerts when the balance in the account falls below a certain threshold.

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