Cast & Crew PCard+ Mobile App - Employee FAQ

Q: What can employees do with the Cast & Crew PCard+ Mobile App?

 A: Employees can see their available spend and real-time transaction activity stream. Employees can also capture receipts using their smartphone camera, tag transactions and add custom notes to transactions.

 Q: How do I use tags?

 A: Tags can help you get organized. Select the transaction you would like to tag. Then simply select a tag. Employees can only select from existing tags.  If you need to create a new tag, your business owner or admin will have to do this in advance via our web app in a standard web browser. Tags cannot be created in the mobile app at this time.

 Q: How do I use Notes?

 A: On the “Transaction” screen, select the transaction where you would like to annotate a note, this will expand the transaction pane.  Then select “Notes” to write a note.

 Q: What information is available on the “My Card” page?

 A: You can view your available spend, card status and spend categories.

 Q: How do I change my password?

 A: Navigate to the top left menu and select “Account settings”. From there you can reset your password. If you're unable to log in, you can request a password reset from the login page.

 Q: How do I log in to view the available spend on a utility card?

 A: At this time, only the business owner or admin can log in to the web app to view the available spend on utility cards.

 Q: I found a bug, I want to make a feature request, or I want to provide feedback on the mobile app.  What should I do?

 A: Your input on how we can make the Cast & Crew PCard+ Mobile App better is invaluable and greatly appreciated.  For any of these items, please email:

Q: I am an employee and I’m having issues with my account.

A: Please consult with your business owner on business specific issues, such as insufficient funds, or controls that are preventing the purchases you need to make.  For all app related technical issues, please contact our support team at or call us at (855) 547-2893.

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