Employee Card Activation

Yes! Cast & Crew PCard+ now allows employee cardholders to activate their own cards by logging into their employee {Program Name} web account. Please see below for instructions.

The primary account owner or an admin with full access can grant employee account access by adding an email address that the employee has access to the employee card. Please note: This feature is not available for utility cardholders. Additionally, this access can be enabled and disabled at any time by adding or removing the employee email address from the employee card.



After the card is created or an email address is added to an existing employee card, the employee will receive an email with a link to set up their account. After the employee logs in, there will be a Manage Cards tab where the employee must first type in the last 4-digits of their card number and then press the ACTIVATE CARD button. The card will then be activated and ready for use. Please note: The employee must have card in-hand in order to get the last 4-digits of their card.


Please note: Employees will also be able to see their own card settings, transactions, available card balance, and will be able to reset their password, change their email address, and mobile phone number associated with their card through web access. Employees will not be able to make changes to any settings, i.e. spending limit, card status, etc., on their card. That access is still restricted to only the business owner or an admin with access.

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